once upon a time meme: six non-romantic relationships [1/6]
     ↳ Belle and Neal

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"I’ll be watching over you guys from somewhere…"


"I’ll be watching over you guys from somewhere…"


Season 4 of "Once Upon a Time" opens kicks off with Emma in the middle of, well, everything. There’s never a minute to rest for the savior. However, this season tracking down frightened “Frozen” princesses may be a welcome distraction from everything that’s going on for the show’s lead heroine….


That Fabio romance novel realness.


That Fabio romance novel realness.


Anastasia Swanfire AU:

Princess Emma lives with her parents, Queen Snow and King David. She grows up loved and cared for, everything a young girl could want. She is adored by all and is best friends with the servant boy, Baelfire. But one night, the Evil Queen enacts a wicked curse that tears…


"I think you’re right. He’s the only one who has enough power to do this."

"Do you mind? I thought you forgave him."

"I did. It would be better for him not to know a lot about the future because his knowlenge can change everything."

"Change? How?"

"I don’t know. Just be careful. Dont tell him I’m Baelfire, ok? He has to learn it in the future, not now."

"Okay. Let’s go".

SwanFire AU - Emma and Neal fell into Zelena’s time portal and they accidentally ruined Snow & Charming’s meeting. Now they have to go to Rumpelstiltkin and ask him for help to fix things. Neal doesn’t want his father to recognise him, because it may cause troubles in the future. 


Nealfire Appreciation Week | Day Four - Neal and Emma
'Every moment of my life, from now until I die
I will think or dream of you and fail to understand
How a perfect love can be confounded out of hand.
You are all I’ll ever want, but this I am denied.
Sometimes, in my darkest thoughts, I wish I’d never learned
What it is to be in love, and have that love returned.’

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